Top 5 best creatine brands in 2020

Top 5 best creatine brands in 2020

Creatine is a popular sports supplement that helps in improving your workout performance and increasing muscle mass, especially among fitness freak. Most of the vegetarians having low creatine level need them to fulfil their creatine requirement. Also, creatine is best for gaining mass. It isn’t easy to gain muscle mass with an ordinary diet, but creatine powders may help you a lot in this case. Today, we are going to share the best creatine brands in 2020. 

best creatine brands in 2020

Creatine is among the most effective supplements as it helps by rapidly producing energy during exercise. It has also been used to reduce depression for a long time because it reduces mental fatigue. Though there are many creatine brands available in the market, today we are here with some of the best creatine brands. We have also shared a buying guide that will help you out to purchase the best item both online and locally. The best creatine brands are explained below. Give them a look!

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine powder:

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine powder:

One of the best creatine brands of 2020 includes Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine powder. It helps muscles to produce more energy and speeds up muscles growth. It is the best choice for athletes and people who are sensitive about their health. Also, it exhibits no harmful effects and has an outstanding safety profile.

It provides a number of other benefits too as it protects you from neurological diseases. Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine powder includes a pure creatine per scoop. Also, it has no fats and sugar, which is the best feature to be noted. No other supplement even comes closer being as safe and effective as this creatine supplement brand. We will highly recommend this brand!


• Produce rapid results.

• Boosts muscle strength.

• Exceptionally pure.


• No adverse effect

BSN Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder:

best creatine brands in 2020

BSN Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder supports strength and power. No fillers or additives are included so that you will be getting pure creatine. BSN Micronized Creatine contcreatinerams of pure creatine and 2 – 4 grams of sugar per serving. It is available in a number of flavours. You can take any one of them as per your demand.

It is very soluble and dissolves quickly in water or any other drinks. This creatine supplement works exceptionally in the post-workout drink. It is also now available in packets that contain 60 grams serving, so you don’t need to worry about the budget. This creatine brand is the best choice for bodybuilders.  


• 100% pure creatine.

• Available in small packets.

• Comes in delicious flavours.


• We haven’t found any con related to this product.

MP Essentials Micronized Creatine:

best creatine brands in 2020

MP Essentials Micronized Creatine is an ultra pure 100% Creatine Monohydrate powder. It contains 5 grams of creatine monohydrate per serving which delivers maximum impact with every use. It helps to increase strength, power and muscular endurance. It is a perfect option for athletes and people who engage themselves in sports. Indeed, it is one of the best creatine supplement brands.

MN Essentials Micronized Creatine burns fat and supports metabolism. It is high in protein with a low amount of carbs and tons of fibre. It has been used for years by professional athletes and workout enthusiasts to build muscle mass. We care much about the products that you put in your body, that’s why we highly recommend MP Essentials Micronized Creatine.


• Increases muscle size and strength.

• It reduces muscle fatigue.

• Promotes energy levels.


• Limited flavours.

MuscleTech Cell-Tech Creatine Monohydrate Formula Powder:

best creatine supplements of 2020

The fourth one on our list is MuscleTech Cell-Tech Creatine Monohydrate Formula Powder. Frocreatinecoop of this creatine you get amino acids and other nutrients to improve your muscle strength and get stronger. MuscleTech Cell-Tech Creatine Monohydrate Formula Powder also contains free form amino acids that aid in cell recovery.

Whether it is an active woman, or man, fitness enthusiasts, or powerlifters, athletes, or bodybuilder, MuscleTech Cell-Tech Creatine Monohydrate Formula Powder is a perfect choice for all of them. It is purely manufactured and has the best quality. CELL TECH is the most powerful musclebuilding creatine formula ever developed, and once you see how rapidly Cell Tech can help transform your physique, you won’t consider using anything else! It is among the popular creatine supplements.


• No side-effects.

• Enhances energy levels.

• It has cell volumizing amino acids.



• This product has no disadvantages.

BPI Sports Best Creatine:

best creatine supplements

Are you a skinny guy? Facing problem in gaining mass? Then you must be giving a try to BPI Sports Best Creatine. This item comes with high-quality creatine with no sugar that will surely help you out to increase muscle mass. BPI Sports bring you the best Creatine supplement for your fitness goals. BPI Sports Best Creatine helps to improve muscular output and reduce fatigue during physical exertion.

BPI Sports Creatine ccreatinesix forms of Creatine into a powerful blend that promotes muscle growth, strength and power. Wait! Not only this, but, you will also find several different tastes that will make you enjoy your creatine drink. It comes at a budget-friendly price, so students must be going for this item. Getting tons of benefits at a super low price is impossible, but now it is possible just because of BPI Sports Best Creatine powder.


• No bloating.

• Builds strength.

• Good athletic performance.

• One of the popular creatine supplements brands.


• This product is free from drawbacks.



How to Choose Best Creatine Supplement For Yourself:

Till now you have read about the Best Creatine supplements of 2020. Now we will tell you about the things that you should keep in your mind while purchasing a creatine supplement. For this purpose, we have provided you with a buying guide, so you don’t waste your time thinking, which creatine brand is best to purchase. Here are a number of elements that should check while buying a Creatine supplement.


Should a person who don’t workout use a creatine supplement?

 As creatine supplements have no side effects, so anyone can take them. If you’re not working out and still taking a creatine powder, then you will not see results as creatine is specially designed for muscle strengthening and increase in power. Creatine helps you lift heavier weight and do extra steps. But if you have no physical creatine to do, then creatine is not needed. Your body creates 1 gram of creatine a day, and that is enough for an average person with no workouts. But yes! People who are vegetarians should take some amount of creatine to improve their cognitive performance

Which form of the creatine you should be using?

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements for enhancing power and muscle strength. Creatine monohydrate comes in two different forms, capsules and powder. Consuming powder or capsules works in the same way. If you like to enjoy tasty drinks, then going for the powder form is the right option; otherwise, it is absolutely fine to take creatine monohydrates capsules. Also, the powder absorbs in the body much more quickly than capsules, so if you want rapid results, then you should be choosing the powder form.



Before taking any creatine supplement, you should check how soluble it is in water because solubility is the main factor of the product. It is very important to make sure that the product is soluble; otherwise, it is useless. The more soluble the product is, the more easily it is absorbed in the body. Also, warm water makes creatine supplements easier to dissolve than cold water. A creatine powder must be ground properly and should be in the form of tiny particles. So, always ask for the micronized Creatine powder.


The overall quality of the product:

While looking out for the best creatine supplement, quality must be kept in mind. Of all the things mentioned earlier, the quality of the product is the most important thing; otherwise, the product should be ignored. Always check for the brand’s popularity and certifications. Many supplements in the market are fake, so you should be choosing an authentic shop or the website like Amazon to purchase your creatine supplement.


Final Thoughts:

There is a variety of creatine supplements available in the market. Sometimes it becomes hard to make a choice among them. In this article, we have listed creatine supplements of 2020. We have deeply touched each supplement. While reviewing each product, we have also shared the nutrition content along with their pros and cons. Also, we have shared the buying guide, which will help you out to choose the best product while visiting the market. Whether you’re buying online or directly, visiting the market, you can buy a good product by following our buying guide. 

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